Belle a Cappella Choir

Waimea College, Nelson, New Zealand

Videos and mp3’s

Nouveau Design Awards 2007

Go to Bella’s YouTube Channel . . . >
for the latest performances

Listen to recordings from
The Big Sing, The Theatre Royal, Nelson
2 June 2011

Espiritu de Dios

Set Me as a Seal Upon Your Heart


Sounds Excellent
Theatre Royal
Nov 2010

Lux Aurumque
Nelson Arts Festival Service
October 2010

Listen to recordings from
The Big Sing, Marlborough Civic Theatre
14 June 2010

Le chant des oyseaux

O Magnum Mysterium (Childs)

Alma Llanera

Disco Revolution
Bella’s first music video
December 2009

The Styx Mix
Big Sing Finale, Wellington Town Hall
August 2008

Watch the WEBCAM VERSION as broadcast live on the night

Listen to recordings from
The Big Sing, Marlborough Civic Theatre
18 June 2009

Bon jour: et puis, quelles nouvelles

Insalata Italiana

An Irish Blessing

Listen to recordings from
The Big Sing, Marlborough Civic Theatre
11 June 2008

Too Much I Once Lamented

Childhood mvmt X: There’s a Time

The Styx Mix— Tribute to the Classic Rock Band

Watch Bella perform at the Big Sing National Finale, Christchurch Town Hall
17-19 August 2007

Weather With You

The William Tell Overture

Il bianco e dolce cigno

Bogoróditse Djévo (Arvo Pärt )

Mata del anima sola

Listen to recordings from
The Big Sing, Nelson School of Music
6 June 2007

Mata del anima sola

La, la, la je ne l’ose dire

Weather with You

Watch Bella perform Six Months in a Leaky Boat at
the Big Sing National Finale, Auckland Town Hall
August 2006

LISTEN to Bella’s audio recordings or
CLICK HERE for more videos . . .

Recorded 28 April 2007, Nelson Cathedral Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir Concert

Listen to Mata del anima sola

CLICK HERE to listen and watch a slideshow of the Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir visit . . .

Recorded 25 August 2006, Auckland Town Hall
The Big Sing National Finale

Listen to Bohemian Rhapsody:

Listen to Il est bel et bon:

Listen to Six Months in a Leaky Boat (competition recording)

More videos from the Big Sing National Finale weekend, recorded at Auckland Museum of Art.

New York State of Mind

Short People

Slideshow about the Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir visit, shown at school assembly 9 May 2007.

Listen to a selection of Bella’s other performances


  Chris Burcin wrote @

Choir members can download Bella’s performance at the regionals from the Info for Choir Members page.

Everyone can listen at the top of this page, where you will also find a link to Bella’s YouTube channel and many past performances.

  Baynes wrote @

Any way you can make the regional tracks downloadable for us?

  Matthew Leese wrote @

Kia ora!
I am a HUGE fan. Thanks for being fans of Gravitacion, we are proud to be listed as one of your favourite choirs! We hope to tour New Zealand in the near future, so we now have a good reason to come to Nelson as part of the tour!
Keep up the good work and best wishes for 2009.
Matthew Leese
Administrator, Gravitacion
And proud expat Kiwi

  Shelley wrote @

Thank you so much for performing at Nicky & Alan’s wedding. It was a real highlight for me – such an intimate setting and then to hear such beautiful voices, lovely dynamics and mature performance was just brilliant. I got goosebumps – always a good sign!

  Matt Ellison wrote @

Holy Hell! That’s insanely cool!
Whilst on the topic of fame, Yvette was talking to a friend in Christchurch and the friend asked Yvette what school she was from so Yvette replied Waimea College and the girl said ‘Belle a Cappella right? They’re awesome!’.
We are so famous.

  Chris Burcin wrote @

Wait, hang on . . . let me put down what I’m doing so I can rush to the British Royal family’s YouTube homepage . . . (sarcasm, sarcasm, sarcasm . . . )

Keep an eye on Bella’s YouTube page, I’m uploading new stuff from the Finale every so often.

And, by the way, congrats on being the #3 Most Viewed NZ Musician on YouTube this week!

Do you realise that our 2 most-viewed videos are Part’s Bogoro and William Tell? 13,000+ views each!

  Matt Ellison wrote @

Ha! I wasn’t aware we had a youtube channel. Did you know the Brittish Royal family has one?

  richie wrote @


  Kyle wrote @

Waimea were awesome at Bonyi, Whats more is they were everywhere we were so it was good to listen to great musicans everywhere we went 😛 Keep it up!

  Belle a Cappella wrote @

it should be possible to link any of these audio files to the Belle-Burcin bebo site. Ewan can help you find the path (code)

[…] LISTEN to Bella’s performance at the Big Sing Regionals, 6 June 2007 at the Nelson School of Music […]

  singitsmint wrote @

is it possible to put mata on the bebo site?

  Sarah wrote @

Ah, I found it! 😀

  Sarah wrote @

Oh, where do I find the slideshow?

  Sarah wrote @

Hey! Well, I’m proud to say that you are also known in Perth! Granted, only about 4 people know of you so far; but it’s a start! 😛 Come and visit us over here! Even better; do a tour of Australia! That’d really boost your popularity 😛

  aussie-maid wrote @

haha. thanks helen. promoted to what? ruler of the world? i think i may be getting a tad ahead of myself.

you see guys? they’re talking about us in brisbane! 😛

  helen wrote @

hello i just wanted to say that nikki is the coolest ever and rumours of her talented conducting have reached me all the way over in Australia so i’m thinking this girl is pretty good! i think she should be promoted! hahah can’t wait to see you guys when you come to brisbane i’m so there front row centre!

  Belle a Cappella wrote @

and yet there’s more! check out the slideshow about the CRCC if you missed it at assembly

  Sarah wrote @

Yay! More videos!!!

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