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Waimea College, Nelson, New Zealand

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WELCOME! All friends, fans and family (whanau) of Belle a Cappella. This page is for you!

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Info for Choir Members— parents, this is where the kids check for the latest haps with the choir. They can tell you the password or email me at

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  Gina wrote @

Busking in Tasman
I have applied for a busking permit from tasman council – no fee. One permit covers any members of the choir. Usual story about not blocking pathways and asking shops’ permission if standing outside. The Mall is a separate issue. Will get back on that and have asked council to confirm if there is anywhere that is out of bounds.

  Gina wrote @

Calendar news.I spoke to nelson tasman tourism and we are allowed to use any photos from their pages free of charge as long as we say clearly what/where the photo is. They have 89 pages of pics! I suggest a classic beautiful scenery calendar with 13 shots from all over the region and a shot and blerb about Bella on the back. Photos can be taken directly off the website. Any other ideas, thoughts or suggestions? Anybody have a personal link to a business or store that may sell them?

  Gina wrote @

The Arts Award raffle raised $144.50 thanks to the not-to-be-denied selling technique of my husband Martin and Gretchen, Bryn’s mum. Thank you to them and to those parents who donated a gift – you have made an important first small dent in that Beijing bill! Onwards and upwards!

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