Belle a Cappella Choir

Waimea College, Nelson, New Zealand

Belle a C’Alumni

The Leaky Boat in 2006

Where are they now?

Retired Belle a Cappellians, this is your page to keep in touch with us and each other.

Leave us a comment and let us know that you are still alive– wherever in the world you end up!


Ewan Coldicott

Rebecca “Reba” Cooper–is attending Otago Polytech in Dunedin

Michael Daunauda

Matthew Ellison

Anna Grahame–Pursuing a BA in Psychology at Victoria University

Marcus Irvine— Pursing a Bachelor of Broadcast Journalism at the New Zealand Broadcasting School

Laura Marwick

Matthew Nistor

Nikki Prokop

Erin Ross

Chris Smith

Cleo Smith

Joshua Stewart— is studying Composition at Victoria University. He is a member of the New Zealand National Youth Choir.


Hazel Fenemor— is studying Chemistry and Music at Victoria University. She is a member of the New Zealand National Youth Choir.

Laura Millson–is on her Big OE, currently living and working in Glasgow. Keep up with Laura via her blogsite.


Peter Lord

Jonathan Nistor


Kate Allnutt— has just finished a Bachelor of Performing Arts at NASDA and is going to study at ED5 International Performing Arts School in Sydney in 2009

Craig Marshall

Amanda Thomas



  James Corcraighe wrote @

Belle a Cappella is in trouble! it is currently non-existent and without conductor since Alan Gray sadly left us last year, we may be reformed as a extension group of Camerata but nothing more, we may probably not enter in the Big Sing regionals. Also this website needs to be updated.

  Chris Burcin wrote @

Nice article on NZ Youth Choir featuring former Waimeans Hazel Fenemor and Jo Wells:

  Chris Burcin wrote @

Peter! Wonderful to hear from you. Glad you are doing so well. (Mechatronics– sounds like you make Transformers)

And getting married! Congratulations! Kids today, they grow up so fast . . .

Do encourage other Belle a Cappellians to update us here so I can keep our list up to date.

  Peter wrote @

Hi all, new and old! How many Belle a Capellians have there been now? I just managed to stumble across this page, think its a great idea.
I have just finished my Mechatronics degree, and have a job all lined up with Scott Technology in Christchurch. I am also getting married in 4 weeks! Waimea seems so long ago now, but Belle a Cappella is definitely something I will always remember, in a good way!

  Nikki wrote @

I haven’t got to see Bella perform nearly as much as I wanted to this year.

Oh yeah.. HI EVERYONE. Been looking around the site and felt for a moment that I was still actually part of it all. Haha. Silly me.

We should have some sort of Bella/Senior Music/People we haven’t seen in a while party while everyone is back in Nelson for Xmas… ideas anyone?

  Amanda Thomas wrote @

Hey Belle a Cappella,
I was lucky enough to be one of the original members, although school doesn’t seem that long ago!
I am now in my fouth year studying Law and Spanish at the University of Canterbury. I have loved my time at uni here in the gorgeous city of Christchurch. I studied on exchange in Spain for the first 6 months of this year, where I had amazing opportunities to practice the language, travel around a little of Europe, and even sing in a choir!
I have great memories of my Bella days, even the early morning rehearsals… And does anyone remember the time Emily just about knocked out Kate with her elbow? 🙂
Great to have a website to keep in touch. All the best to all Bella-ites for the future.

  Ben wrote @

Oh also, its at the start of part 2 if you want to skip ahead to our performance 😀

  Ben wrote @

Hey Bella 08!! We were on Praise Be this morning (21st June) if anyone was interested in checking out who got close-ups in Bogoroditse Dievo Radusia. Wow, such good memories. You can watch it online from this link

  Helena wrote @

he is marcus trust me on that…

sounds like your doing well there good luck for future things…
peace out.

  Marcus wrote @

Hey guys! Thought it was about time I became an official member of the Bella C’Alumni by ‘posting a comment’. Hope your year is going well and Burcin is whipping you into shape. Literally. Woah, I just noticed a really tiny smiley face down the bottom left-hand corner of this page, so keep an eye for that! Very exciting. My year’s going well; journalism is all I expected and more. If only the Big Sing was in Chch this year, I would’ve come along and got an interview with a few of you! If it’s in Chch next year, give us a yell and I might be able to get you guys on tele. Keep up the good work (that I presume you’re doing) and I look forward to watching the youtube videos of you all at the Big Sing!

  erin.s wrote @

he he Anna I know what u r up to. I have my own little stalker at Victoria University so you had better be behaving yourself mwah ha ha.

  RewaCostar wrote @

Awww awesome we miss you too 🙂

  Reba wrote @

Hey =)

I miss everybody =(

I am at Otago Polytech! Yay go Dunedin! I am doing creative studies this year and mite do primary teaching or an interior design degree next year. just thought that you mite want to know


  Anna wrote @

Anna Grahame is not going to “Victoria Univerity”

She is going to Victoria University.


And she/I give permission for a photo. But not a bad one!!

*sigh* I miss Bella already..

  Chris Burcin wrote @

I got an email from our old buddy, Laura Millson. Sounds like she is having an awesome time in Europe!

She sent me a little blurb to post here:

“At the moment Laura is living and working in Glasgow, where she plans to stay for the winter and save up for the festival summer season ahead, as well as working on farms around the UK. In the last 5 months she has been living across England and Scotland, working as an au pair, in cafes, catering, and bar work. In between working she has travelled around the UK, from Cornwall to the Isle of Mull to Dublin, mostly alone. Laura plans to use her full 2 year visa for the UK, and then will hopefully return home in one peice via a month in Thailand. Her ideas for the future include volunteer work, possible study, travelling the rest of the world, learning and seeing as much as she can! She writes about what she’s up to here.”

Any other alumni want to share? MIght only be a short statement about next year’s plans.

Thanks Laura!

  Chris Burcin wrote @

Dude, you WAY count. What are you up to? I’ll add your name onto the List of Honour.

  Chris wrote @

Do I count?

  Chris Burcin wrote @

That’s exactly where I was heading– a list of all the alums and “where are they now”

I’ve already got permission from a few Ex-Bellas and their info will go up soon.

Proud former Belle a Cappellians– please leave a comment about what you are up to now or next year, whether its musical or not!

(well, not TOO much info, please . . . )

(and am I allowed to post a pic of you? let me know that, too)

  Tracy Coldicott wrote @

Great idea to have this site for “retired Bellas” ! What about having a list of the names of each years choir members for the record?

  Anna wrote @

Oh excellent!!! What a wonderful idea.

Where am I? Well right now I’m in the music block…

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