Belle a Cappella Choir

Waimea College, Nelson, New Zealand

Pimp Your Gizmo and Help Bella


Would you like to buy an exciting, funky product and at the same time raise funds for Belle a Cappella?

What is the product?

www.nzclubs.garskin.comA ‘skin’ (Garskin®) is a high quality laminated thin vinyl cover pre-cut to the specific size of all your favourite device.

You can personalise your laptop, iPod, cell phone and gaming console by choosing images from the website or create your own using the customiser tool.

The customiser tool allows you to upload your own photos, digital images or content from the net, add text and create your own unique designs – how cool is that?!

Businesses can also use it to put their company branding or specific marketing messages on their devices. Garskin® also offers Garguard a clear film that fits and protects popular devices such as iPhones and hand held gaming consoles.

How much do skins cost?

The price of skins ranges from NZ$15.90- $49.00 depending on the size of device and if you are designing your own skin. Prices include shipping by registered mail to the customers NZ address.

What do I do?

Go to and follow the simple 3 step process to order your skin. Choose the Waimea College Belle a Cappella option on the payment page and the College will automatically receive 10% of the value of your order. Easy.

Do I want it?

Yes! Garskin is established in Australia and Asia, but is just launching in NZ . This is the only way you can get this product in NZ at the moment.

Other ‘skins’ are available, but you have to cut them yourself. Garskin is pre-cut to fit your model precisely. Treat yourself or a friend – be different and make a difference!




  Anne – Liam’s mum wrote @

The Choir has 2 dates booked for sausage sizzle at Mega: Boxing Day and Sat 29th January.

If there are no takers to help on Boxing Day or the 29th Jan, I’ll cancel them both. Please respond this week thanks.

  Gina – James’s mum wrote @

Hi all, Please copy the ‘skin’ blerb above and email it out to everyone you know to spread the word in time for Christmas. Thanks

  Chris Burcin wrote @

Here is a great gift for Christmas– or anytime! Personalise your iPod, iPhone, mp3 player, laptop . . . and Bella will receive a 10% commission. It’s that simple.

Choose from pre-set designs or upload your own image and make it truly unique.

Thanks for supporting Belle a Cappella!

(and thanks to Mrs. Vanner for organising this fundraiser)

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