Belle a Cappella Choir

Waimea College, Nelson, New Zealand

Praise Be? Praise Bella!

BELLA ON TV ONE’S PRAISE BELearn more about the TV programme
Sunday 16 November
9am, TV ONE

Bella performed “Keep Your Lamps” on TV ONE’s Praise Be as part of a special Nelson sesquicentennial programme. Leave us a comment . . . >

Keep watching Praise Be as Bella recorded 3 more pieces for later broadcast.

Belle a Cappella, you and your accompanists should be exceedingly proud of yourselves for your work yesterday at the Praise Be recording in the cathedral.

You were all awesome!

I told the staff this morning about how I threw my hands up in the air with glee after each successful take. I was so impressed– that you were able to stand up there, do a run-through then record each piece in one take. ONE TAKE! (O Sifuni Mungu was complicated to record, from a technical point of view, so the 2nd take was inevitable).

You learnt the new piece, Keep Your Lamps, in record time. And I don’t just mean the notes, I mean the expression, dynamics, tempo changes, mood . . . the percussionists had even less time! You pulled it off like you have been singing it for ages.

This is another enormous step for Belle a Cappella. You’ve opened up the choir to a whole new audience– the Bellalution WILL be televised!

DOWNLOAD the ORDER FORM to get a DVD of your performances for Praise Be (N.B. not of the televised broadcast, but just the performances of each of the choirs recorded in Nelson)



  Burkey wrote @

Did anyone else notice the blatant mispronunciation of Mr. Burcin’s; or should i say Mr. Burkin’s name?

  Peter Averi, Music Director,Praise Be wrote @

Thanks very much for your splendid perfomance in Nelson Cathedral. You came well-rehearsed and sang with confidence. We now have 4 very useful tracks which will appear on Praise Be. The first one, “Keep your lamps” will be in the special Nelson programme on 16 November. Keep up the good work, you have an excellent choir and you can take pride in it.

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