Belle a Cappella Choir

Waimea College, Nelson, New Zealand

Bronze Award!

21-24 August 2008
Wellington Town Hall

Listen to Monday morning's story about Big Sing, including sound bites from Bella members!Listen to Radio NZ Morning Report on the Big Sing

Watch the STYX MIX on YouTube


Bella was chosen, out of a record 240 choirs nationwide (7000 singers), to compete once again in the Big Sing National Finale.

The choir received a Bronze Award and the special honour of being the final choir (out of 21) to perform at the Gala Concert— a performance of the Styx Mix which brought the 600 students to their feet (our greatest compliment).

“Bella prepares for the Finale”
(by Doug Brooks)

The standard was extremely high this year, yet the adjudicators chose not to award a Platinum Award. NEWS FLASH! The NZCF decided to award Platinum after all to the Fundamentals (Rangitoto College). YAY!!!!

Gold Awards went to the Craighead Chorale (Craighead School) and our buddies, Choralation! (Westlake Boys & Girls High Schools). See the full list below . . . >

Bella is extremely grateful to all of our supporters who travelled across the Ditch to hear us in the Town Hall (including our principal, Larry Ching), and to those who checked in online.

Most especially, this trip could not have been a success without the monumental efforts of the staff and parent helpers— who made sure the Mr. Burcin only had to worry about the music. Magic! And, of course, the students— who not only sang phenomenally well, but also kept up with all their responsibilities before being asked to do them.


So–Now, we’ve got Silver, Bronze . . . , only 2 more to complete the set!

PHOTOS of the event will soon be available from Annwyn Tobin’s Website

The Styx Mix– Gala Concert

The Fundamentals– Rangitoto College

Choralation– Westlake Boys & Girls Colleges
Craighead Chorale– Craighead Diocesan School

Auroroa Voices– Burnside High School
Bella Voce– Marlborough Girls College
Con Brio– Villa Maria College
Euphony– Kristin School
OK Chorale– Palmerston North Boys High
Saints Alive– St Cuthbert’s College
St Cecilia Singers– Diocesan School for Girls
The Sweet Sixteen– Aorere College
Wellington College Chorale– Wellington College

Belle a Cappella– Waimea College
Christs College Chapel Choir– Christ’s College
Kings College Chapel Choir– Kings College
Otago Girls High School Choir– Otago Girls High School
Queen Margaret Chorale– Queen Margaret College
Seraphim– Chilton St James School
Male Voice Chorus– Burnside High School



  Owen Sharpe wrote @

Congratulations on your strong showing in the BIg Sing again. I agree with the Roger Powdrell comment . …

“Your choir is a very special group that clearly the audience loved. I think you are all doing something very special for choral music – your presentation is so creative and captivating, the choir’s unique personality comes through to the audience.”

You also present yourself very well on the web and I have used your youtube clips, thank you.

Owen Sharpe
Festival Director
New Zealand Schools Choral Festival

  Jaehyun Jeong wrote @

Thanks to everybody in Bella Acapella and Mr. Burcin for the card you sent to Choralation. It was nice working with you guys…all the best for your future “choral journey” (hehe)

  Chrisssss wrote @


I’m kidding, honestly.
I’ve watched your videos, and apologies for not being there, freekin’ kb’s and its shitty pay, anyway, and there’s NO WAY you should have gotten bronze, silver at least! sheesh! what were the judges thinking! FFS!

  David Squire wrote @

Thanks to Chris and all of Belle A Cappella for the card you sent Fundies! It means a lot to have your support! Eventually we will get together for that combined concert and workshop, ay?? All the best for the rest of the year!

  Sarah Rae wrote @

You really were superb and I mean that honestly. The repertoire you sang over the two sessions was a real testament to your skills and talent. You are passionate about what you do and so committed and it shows. Every one loves you because of your spirit, your flair and your individuality. You have some thing really special happening and you own it. That is what I really love about you …… are true to yourselves.

  Ross wrote @

I really enjoyed hearing the choir at the Big Sing finale. I liked the wide variety of styles and was shocked when you only recieved bronze. Good luck on getting the other two, with Chris in charge, I’m sure you’ll make it.

  Mr. Domo Arigato wrote @

Went to some of the sessions of the Big Sing Finale, as well as the Gala Concert.

You guys are awesome. Great sound and a really tight unit I can tell. A real sense of team effort in your choir that lacked in a lot of the other choirs (including some of the Gold & Silver ranked Choirs)..

And keep up the amazing Choralography. In a class of its own.

  Roger Powdrell wrote @

Just wanted to say once again how much I enjoyed your choir’s performances at the Finale. your choir is a very special group that clearly the audience loved. I think you are all doing something very special for choral music – your presentation is so creative and captivating, the choir’s unique personality comes through to the audience. I really enjoy your sound too and I know you will all keep working on that. Congratulations – I loved you guys. Keep being yourselves.

Roger Powdrell
St. Patrick’s College

  Chris Burcin wrote @

AWESOME NEWS about the Fundamentals!:

The New Zealand Choral Federation has decided to make a retrospective platinum award to the gold-winning choir with the highest marks at the 2008 BIG SING Finale, namely The Fundamentals of Rangitoto College, Auckland.

This award was not made at the Finale because the adjudication panel had been using revised awards criteria, which were signalled in the printed programme but had not yet, owing to an administrative oversight, been gazetted to participating choirs. The NZCF wishes to congratulate The Fundamentals on their achievement.


  Chris Burcin wrote @

STEVE! STEEEEeeeeevvvveee!!! We NEEeeeeeded you, MAN!


  Harro! wrote @

I checked the website for the Styx Mix but couldn’t find it, thanks for the comment on Christ’s though. Maybe the website will get updated with it soon. Anyway, once I find it you can be sure it is going on my ipod.

  Beebs wrote @

What? Steve wasn’t there? That explains my group counting issues. Seriously though, a pity you could not make it Steve though your choir did you proud (and all of us proud for the record).

One word – it rhymes with

  Steve Bellis wrote @

good work on getting bronze i’m just sorry that I couldn’t be there myself, i heard that you also got crowd favourite. Well done.

  Chris Burcin wrote @

Thanks Harro! Christs College did sound awesome! Great job, you guys.

Just working on getting the Styx Mix up on YouTube, so keep an eye out. I think the website (with all of our performances) is still live, so check there as well.

  Harro! wrote @

I thought you should have gotten much more than bronze, although I think we (Christs College Chapl Choir) should have too personally. I can’t beleive Craighead got gold. Saaaaanctus.

Anyway, congrats on the Styx Mix, I loved it, (any chance of a video anywhere?) and I really think that you deserved more than bronze.

  sarah kennedy wrote @

You guys rock – well done

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